3 Generations of Traditional Olive Oil Milling Family

Three generations of millers with olive groves present in Castelleone di Suasa (AN) and Offida (AP), embracing much of the Marche region.

Our Company

L’Olivaio® 1962 – Three generations of millers have followed one another and evolved over time, improving the extraction techniques of Extra Virgin Olive Oil more and more, also dedicating themselves to perfecting and expanding their olive groves.

The current corporate organization chart is composed of Davide Morganti and Valter Cestini.

To date, L’Olivaio has about 6,000 certified plants between Organic and IGP brands, from which 5 lines of EVO oil are produced:

· L’OLIVAIO – Blend

· VERDE – Blend IGP Marche

· KRÝO – Blend Biologico

· SUASAE – Monovarietale Raggia 

· SPALIÀ – Monovarietale Ascolana Tenera

Our olive groves are present in Castelleone di Suasa (AN) e Offida (AP), therefore composed of a grand part of Marche region.

Our method

L’Olivaio® selects the most precious olive fruit variety in the region of Marche and we handpick olives while the fruit is fresh and filled with all its beneficial properties. Then within 24 hours, the olive reaches our mill where we produce,  pack & seal to optimum standards. so that every time you open your bottle of L’Olivaio® olive oil you get the quality and freshness which is trusted by Chefs.

Our team